Sponsored research

A choice of research methods

Cass Consulting offers two forms of sponsored research:

Proprietary research
This is commissioned business research designed to give you a competitive advantage by meeting a specific business objective.

For instance, Barclays Wealth commissioned research from Professor Andrew Clare and Dr Nick Motson to help them understand how and when their customers chose to invest in specific stocks and reject others. The results enabled Barclays Wealth to adjust the way in which they launch and present their products.

Co-produced research
You might already be working internally to explore specific areas. Co-produced research is a means of outsourcing research, data or issues to our academic consultants.

For instance, Aviva and PwC funded a Cass project to help them with pricing their insurance policies. This was topped up with a government grant. Cass research led to a model that helped to determine the optimal strategy for the insurance company to choose its premiums in relation to the other insurance companies in the market, using the mathematical technique of optimal control theory.

Access our academic expertise to help solve your business problem by commissioning research. Contact us today.