Tailored solutions

Flexible collaboration and knowledge structures

Cass Business School's reputation and reach has created tailored collaborations with leading organisations. This has led to new research possibilities and the co-production of ideas.

Collaborations include:

  • Speaking panels, conferences and other academic events
  • Corporate practitioners and professionals inputting into research projects, papers and events at Cass
  • Networking opportunities and membership.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Another way to generate valuable research is via a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). This involves the part-funding of an ambitious Cass graduate as they undertake project work in your organisation. Supported by a Cass supervisor, the graduate works on projects of strategic importance and government will match 50-70% of the sponsor's contribution.

Truestone Asset Management collaborated with Cass on a two-year KTP project to develop new impact investment services and products for the firm. By combining knowledge of both voluntary sector management and private equity research subject areas, the academic team was able to steer and advise the development of the Truestone Global Impact Fund.

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