Finance for Non-Financial Leaders

Finance for Non-Financial Leaders

Finance for Non-Financial Leaders

Increase your influence and ability to lead with an improved understanding of finance and the language of business in this focussed, interactive and collaborative three-day programme.

Course Dates 2016 - 3-5 April 2017, 12-14 September 2017, 24-26 April 2018

Fee- £2,995 (No VAT is charged) Includes all meals, refreshments and programme materials.

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Programme overview

As a non-financial senior leader, an understanding of finance, financial management, corporate and management metrics and reporting are essential in operating, influencing resourcing decisions and leading the business. This programme will provide you with increased confidence and greater ability to review and assess financial information and decisions, improving your ability to influence resources and articulate business impact with your colleagues, peers and stakeholders.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for non-financial senior managers and executives who need a practical appreciation and command of basics of finance, financial management, corporate and management metrics and reporting financial impact.

Focus and structure

The Finance for Non-Financial Leaders programme is divided into three parts and covers three days.

Day One
Introduces you to financial statements and how to review them to identify key trends and business drivers. You will learn how key financial and non-financial drivers blend with business strategy.

Day Two
Exposes you to managerial accounting and how to evaluate the financial impact of a business case. You will explore the importance of concepts such as opportunity costs, sunk costs and contribution for articulating your business case.

Day Three
Consolidates and extends the learning from days one and two with an opportunity to apply your knowledge of the financial tools learned in a simulated business case. Extend your knowledge by exploring how businesses are funded and how they manage risk. By the end of the programme you will be able to incorporate and articulate financial impact when developing business cases for your organisation.

The programme is experiential and highly interactive. It employs a combination of teaching methods including class work, role play, group exercises and practical examples along with cases studies, supported learning, peer and tutor review and reflective work.


  • Build your confidence in speaking the financial language of your business
  • Develop the financial competency to review financial dashboards and contribute in leadership meetings
  • Learn how to incorporate a financial impact case
  • Improve your ability to communicate financial priorities, measures and issues to benefit the business
  • Appreciate the ethical issues and responsibilities of the finance function