Linklaters: Business Gateway Programme

Linklaters: Business Gateway Programme

Client Objectives
Linklaters were looking to engage their lawyers in business issues at an early stage in their careers, just as they joined the organisation and before embarking on the company's legal practice course. They wanted to reinforce the idea that their employees are business people as much as lawyers - and our brief was to design a programme to give new starters an overview of business in large financial centres and large corporates, while also providing a high-level introduction to the legal services these businesses need.

The Cass solution

As the programme was for graduates just starting out in their working lives, we wanted to develop a course that gave them a basic understanding of business issues, particularly those relating to the City, but more importantly also got them excited and interested in business and commercial ideas.

Working in partnership with Linklaters, we made the programme highly interactive and gave participants ample opportunity to understand business basics in a stimulating environment, while also gaining a solid introduction to Linklaters and the legal services they provide.

The City is complex and sophisticated - it lies at the heart of corporate and investment decisions and is a major driver of the economy. So the programme focused in on specific elements of the UK's financial hub and introduced participants to basic principles of strategic thinking.

Experiential and action-based learning lie at the heart of our approach at Cass, so we also made use of a business simulation on a hostile merger deal, to give participants an understanding of the capital markets and also the urgency and excitement of business in the City.

The result was a programme that offered a comprehensive introduction to the most relevant aspects of the commercial world - serving as a valuable complement to participants' legal learning and development.

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Participants Comments

"Massively increased my commercial awareness and encouraged me to learn more."

"It's been really good at introducing and explaining lots of previously difficult concepts."

"Simulations were excellent, truly excellent."

"It exceeded my expectations. Amazing, really useful."