Samsung: Cass Challenger Programme 2012

Samsung: Cass Challenger Programme 2012

The Cass Challenger programme was part of a twelve-week programme.

Samsung professionals attended a four-week course in Marketing with the Korea University and were also provided study materials that help them prepare for the programme content and attended a two-week prep- course, prior to coming to Cass Business School London for five-weeks.

The programme was tailored towards 25 Assistant Manager level professionals, each with around five to eight years' experience in the insurance industry, drawn from a range of different functions within Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (SFMI) operating units in Korea and China.

The overall aim was to deepen the delegates' understanding of international insurance markets, to widen the experience of the delegates beyond the functional areas in which they operated, to apply this updated knowledge base to make better decisions and have increased confidence in delivering their remit, and to learn to link their decisions to the organisation's strategic vision and initiative. This in due course prepared them to adopt a more senior role within the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Group.

Programme content addressed a breadth of topics, including: International insurance markets, marketing of insurance and financial services and reinsurance and alternative risk transfer. Delegates were taught and learned via a range of methods, including classroom study, a number of external company visits, and group work in smaller study teams, where groups were tasked with a business critical issue to address and present, both in London and to their line managers after returning to their workplaces.

Seungryeol Ryu (Lewis) is in charge of the SFMI Challenger Course in SFMI. I asked him more about the benefits of the programme and working with Cass.

"It was important to have an element of the programme taught in Europe as we wanted employees to understand the theories and cases of insurance in the birthplace of insurance. This way, the students could not only understand through taught theory, but also experience these global companies through site visits.

There are various reasons we decided to run the programme with Cass Business School. Firstly, Cass is the leading business school globally and the central London location was key. The access to the insurance industry via organisation visits was extremely useful, as it provided first-hand experience and knowledge. The second really important factor was the flexibility provided by Cass in tailoring the programme towards SFMI requirements and the Prorgamme Director really worked to understand our requirements and our organisation. The study techniques were very effective as delegates were able to resolve scenarios and issues through applied knowledge within case-study and group work based environments.

The programme has helped the employees attending build a wider vision of SFMI, as well as increasing their motivation. They were able to gain an understanding of the overall picture and the various business functions in SFMI. In addition, the students realise they are in the major talent pool, so if they continue their performance, opportunities to experience new and more important functions will certainly open up. It will also greatly help SFMI identify and foster talent".