Open programmes

Open programmes

Cass offers a growing range of programmes that are open to all kinds of businesses - both for professionals seeking to enhance their skills through executive coaching, and organisations looking to develop staff.

Open programmes - Cass Exec


Our Finance Programmes combine the knowledge and insight needed both by financial executives and by people indirectly involved with financial issues. They provide the understanding and tools to make more informed and more important financial decisions.

General Management

Our General Management Programmes address the key issues facing senior executives today - to help individuals become more effective and valuable, and to make organisations more successful. They bring together real examples, innovative approaches and practical experience to give individuals the skills they need to go further. They bring together real executives from different industries, disciplines and continents. They bring real impact.


Our Leadership Programmes are designed to give existing and aspiring senior executives the additional skills they to successfully steer their organisations through today's turbulent business environment. They give the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other leaders. They bring together real business issues, the latest research, practical tools and innovative solutions.

Sector Specific

Working as an advisor with or within an organisation calls for understanding, insight and skilful collaboration. Our Collaborative Skills Programmes show how to build close and trusted relationships, and give the tools and techniques to positively influence organisations