Book Review

The Era of Global Transition: Crises and Opportunities in the New World

Authors: Robert W Davies, Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass
Published by Palgrave MacMillan/ Cass Business Press
Reviewed by Charles Earle, Chief Executive, Arista Insurance

The author draws on a range of disciplines - business strategy, international relations, scenario planning, managing change and transition, global economics and politics - to suggest possible futures for nations and blocs, markets and social movements and the power each might wield. He is concerned that assumptions about the future made by business leaders may not be sufficiently robust. They involve too much blue-sky thinking and ignore the probable power transitions the world faces.
He intends the book to provide a guide for leaders within organisations that will help them think through the expanding uncertainties and the preparations and responses that they and their businesses must develop.
Each chapter introduces ideas that build on what has gone before and includes structures that the reader can use in a practical way before arriving at a logical conclusion. It then offers reflection points and further reading.
Davies has refined my own approach to include a wider range of potential "future worlds" and has raised concerns about the way that wishful thinking creeps - or charges - into our views of how the future might look. Wishing for a better world does not make it more likely.
I recommend this book and the techniques and processes it describes to anyone planning or thinking about how to position themselves or their business for the future.

The Era of Global Transition: Crises and Opportunities in the New World (Palgrave MacMillan/ Cass Business Press £26) by Robert W Davies, Senoir Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School