Book Review

Managing Supply Chain Risk

Authors: ManMohan S. Sodhi and Christopher S. Tang
Published by Springer
Reviewed by Professor Hau L. Lee, Standford University

Risks are inherent in every aspect of business, and the ability to manage them defines outstanding business leaders. In a supply chain there are potential risks in every link.
The authors blend methodologies and research with case studies and observations in practice in an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of the subject.
The chapters deal with the entire spectrum of risk from product development to product launch, from procurement to manufacturing, and from distribution to after-sales support and product end-of-life. Supply chain risk management requires end-to-end coverage, and this book has that.
It contains management lessons on how risks can be mitigated, and how they can be contained once disruptions have occurred. As such, it is also a book to help practitioners to gain insights and develop management skills.

Managing Supply Chain Risk (Springer, £117) by ManMohan Sodhi, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Cass, and Christopher Tang, UCLA Distinguished Professor