Book Review

The New Strategic Landscape: Innnovative Perspectives on Strategy

Edited by Julie Verity, Senior Visiting Lecturer in Strategy at Cass
Published by Palgrave MacMillan/ Cass Business Press
Reviewed by Tom Willis, Operations Director at Terminal 4, Heathrow (Cass Executive MBA)

The aim of this book, as outlined by Julie Verity in her introduction, is to make readers challenge their assumptions about strategy by presenting a range of innovative perspectives from contemporary thinkers. Verity has assembled an eclectic mix of contributors with backgrounds in academia, practice and consultancy. They offer a rich set of ideas to explore, with chapters on issues such as uncertainty and complexity, design thinking, behavioural strategy and strategy as serious play. Their perspectives elevate strategic planning from a mechanistic process to an activity that is flexible, innovative and capable of embracing "unknown unknowns".
This book offers a range of ideas that are relevant to today's business world. It encourages experimentation and discovery and downplays traditional strategic planning. Readers should, it suggests, place innovation at the heart of the strategic process and be prepared to "get out more"!
Authors ably navigate through worlds of complexity, uncertainty and human behaviour. The book is bursting with case studies which make the theories accessible and easy to translate into everyday practice. The overarching message is to think more broadly and about things you do not normally think about.
The New Strategic Landscape succeeds in expanding your horizons and your strategy development toolkit. As Mr Spock would put it: it's strategy, Jim, but not as we know it.

The New Strategic Landscape: Innnovative Perspectives on Strategy (Palgrave MacMillan/ Cass Business Press £26) by Julie Verity, Senoir Visiting Lecturer in Strategy at Cass.