Book Review

No Fear Finance

Authors: Guy Fraser-Sampson
Published by Kogan Page
Reviewed by Richard Samuel, Cass Executive MBA student

I wish I'd had this book at the beginning of my MBA - it would have given me the tools to hit the ground running. I read it chapter by chapter, which is not something most people do with a typical finance book. Guy Fraser-Sampson, with echoes of his background in alternative assets, rails against the norm to give his readers an engaging approach to finance.
The book is pitched at newcomers who want to cut through financial jargon and take a view based on a set of core principles. The layered structure of No Fear Finance is invaluable - I can now quickly link capital efficiency to the weighted average cost of capital, to calculating the internal rate of return, to IRR's role in capital allocation, to how a balance sheet fits into the grand scheme of risk and return, to a stock's beta, and to so much more.
The book dispels common misconceptions and addresses everyday lessons. Reading the chapter on time value of money, I worked out that my daughter discounts all future treats by r=(FV/PV)-1. Even if you don't have a daughter, read on.

No Fear Finance (Kogan Page, £24.99) by Guy Fraser-Sampson, private equity expert at Cass