Over half of university students in the Gulf Cooperation Council are women, yet female participation in the workforce stands at less than 20%......Why?

Financial institutions need sanctions, not just legislation, to dissuade them from taking chances too far. Brooke Masters reports.

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Optimism and greed are ingrained in the City psyche - but they can be refocused, says Cass's champion of behavioural finance.

Start up firms face an uphill struggle when challenging established businesses with a well-financed parent company, says Cass lecturer Dr Giacinta Cestone - a factor that could hamper Britain's recovery.

Up to 90% of technological innovations fail - and it's usually because their manufacturers don't put across the message of what they are for, Cass research shows.

The best players make the best leaders, a research project suggests- whether it's on the basketball court or in the City.