Research by Louise Ashley suggests it's not what you say but how you say it that's likely to land you a job with Britain's leading law firms.

The financial regulator blamed 'shorting' for disorderly markets and banned it. But Cass research suggests the decision was political and may have made matters worse.

The pensions system has always operated as a pyramid scheme - but there are no longer enough young people coming into the workforce

Islamic finance shows that lending and morality can be compatible, Ryan Koorosh writes. And its appeal is fast growing in the West as well as in Muslim countries.

It was little wonder that, at the height of the leverage boom in 2006 when private equity rampaged through corporate Europe and America, a relatively small investment in Kenya escaped attention.

Academics at Cass have developed software that could be the Holy Grail in drawing up staff rotas for hospitals.

Who gives the most to charity? A Cass analysis of regional giving in Britain shows that higher-income households are generally more likely to give to charity - and to give more.

Cass academics offer some joined-up thinking to the Westminster double act.

First movers don't just grab an advantage - they tend to keep their edge and stay at the top, research suggests. Richard Wray investigates.