‘To study or not to study marketing? That is the question.’

Love or hate it, virtually everyone is touched by and involved in marketing in some way. This paper, available for download at the link below, takes a balanced look at the evidence for and against the subject of marketing to give the reader some perspective on the question of "Why do people study Marketing?"

It covers the main benefits and criticisms of a marketing approach by critically examining 8 major arguments:

  1. Marketing facilitates increased choice and more products
  2. Marketing raises expectations about individual sense of deserving
  3. Marketing facilitates innovation and new product development
  4. Marketing creates value for consumers and companies through branding
  5. Marketing facilitates ethical business practices
  6. Marketing stimulates demand through promotions and advertising
  7. Marketing promotions facilitate increased awareness of traditions and cultures
  8. Marketing facilitates an increase in world trade, global mergers and international investment

Surprisingly, there is little research into how these contribute to understanding Marketing's impact on society. As a result, prospective students of marketing may make poorly informed decisions when choosing Marketing as a subject or career. This article aims to remedy that by offering the would-be student or marketer a quick insight into why the subject may or may not be right for them.

This paper is featured in Marketing for the Curious [Kindle edition]

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