An analysis of remittances and charitable donations in the UK

"This report, entitled Giving back to communities of residence and of origin, highlights the true nature and value of the generosity of the UK's migrant and minority groups. Based on a new quantitative analysis by CGAP of spending data from the ONS Living Costs and Food Survey and dedicated qualitative in‑depth interviews (see details of methodology below), it reports the results of research on the different ways in which migrant and minority groups in the UK give, which are largely unacknowledged or underestimated in traditional giving surveys. Focussing mainly on money sent overseas and charitable donations in the UK, the findings provide a new and more comprehensive picture of giving by the UK's migrant and minority groups. They show both their generosity and sense of community responsibility. In a period of economic stress in the UK, with renewed awareness of the need to give back to the community and government support for policy and practice to promote it, the findings are timely. They show that patterns and models of giving amongst the UK's migrant and minority population should be better valued, celebrated, shared and supported."

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