Family Foundation Giving Trends 2010

Family Foundation Giving Trends 2010 is the third in a series of annual reports tracking trends in the giving of the largest 100 UK family foundations, comparing them with the US.

From the 2010 report
"Amidst increasing interest in the role of philanthropy in building a better society as public expenditure reduces, this report highlights major family giving through foundations. Many new family foundations have been established over the last couple of decades, largely funded by the successful entrepreneurs of an era of expanding global markets and capital flows. They include the Waterloo Trust, set up by owners of Admiral Insurance; the Volant Trust, set up by J K Rowling; the Foyle Foundation; the Martin Smith Foundation; and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation. This report looks at the scope of family foundations' activities, and the role that they play in addressing social issues in the UK and abroad today."

The full report is available for download at the link below.

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