Global Reinsurance Masterclass series: 2. Fit for purpose?

How to tailor reinsurance products to insurance industry lifecycles

The reinsurance industry is a secondary industry. It exists to serve the needs of a primary insurance industry: so trends in insurance are likely to change the kinds of products which insurance companies need from reinsurers. This Masterclass focuses on the buyers of reinsurance - the primary insurers, whose world is rapidly changing - and shows how reinsurers need to position themselves to continue to attract insurers' premium.

Consolidation in the insurance industry is driving new trends in reinsurance buying.

This masterclass:

  • Shows consolidation of key insurers is grounded in industry life cycle dynamics;
  • Develops a framework to explain the impact of consolidation on reinsurance buying behaviour;
  • Applies product life cycle analysis to explain changing trends in reinsurance buying;
  • Describes how competition is shifting premium towards a new class of reinsurance products.

The complete Masterclass 2 file "Fit for purpose?" can be downloaded via the link below.

Global Reinsurance Masterclass 1: Re-think reinsurance and Global Reinsurance Masterclass 3: Winning the Game are also available.

The Global Reinsurance Masterclass series is sponsored by ESRC, WCI and IICI.

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