Sifting to efficiently select the right service employees

Service employees in subordinate service roles, such as call centre staff, cashiers and waiting staff, are crucial to their firms' operational efficiency and quality of service. However, due to such reasons as the stressful nature of the work, staff turnover in the industry is high. This presents a significant problem to HR departments, which continually need to sift through a high volume of applicants. Such a process can be very inefficient.

This research suggests an answer to this inefficiency: that of using web-based psychometric sifting tests at the start of the recruitment process rather than at the end. Such tests can efficiently weed out significant numbers of unsuitable candidates. Although there can be signficant upfront costs to cover the development of these tests, the research finds that the remaining candidates are better suited to their frontline roles than those selected through the traditional hiring process, meaning that the personalised next steps in recruitment should prove less wasteful in terms of time and costs.

The research paper is currently available to read online at ScienceDirect.