The third annual Cass-Capco conference of the Cass-Capco institute paper series on risk

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The past year or so has been very bruising for executives sitting at the helms of the world's major financial institutions. Many came very close to failing, and quite a few in fact did. Many of the most respected global financial brands have now disappeared.

There have been numerous reasons put forward for the current crisis, but most have focused on the most obvious causes and not necessarily on the underlying issues that are most pertinent. The aim of this edition of the Cass-Capco Institute Paper Series on Risk is to give adequate attention to those issues that have fallen under the radar, mainly through neglect by headline-grabbing journalists or because press attention has been focused elsewhere.

Presentation - Financial risk management in the post crisis world
Presentation - A VaR too far? The pricing of operational risk
Keynote Address
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