Towards Fairer Compensation for People in Accidents


Zoltan Butt

 et al.

Research undertaken at Cass Business School has helped courts better assess the loss of earnings suffered by people who have had accidents.

Updated: 22/05/2015
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De-risking pensions and annuities

A financial market that helps shift risk from pension plans and annuity providers to the capital markets has been invented by an academic from City University London.

Updated: 18/05/2015
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Footing the Bill for Acts of God - how the reinsurance market is under threat


Paula Jarzabkowski

 et al.

A new book, based on research carried out at Cass Business School, warns of the dangers the reinsurance market may face as a result of changes to the way losses created by natural disasters are assessed.

Updated: 29/07/2015
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DC reinvented – addressing the challenges that lie ahead

With revolution replacing evolution in UK DC pensions, Chris Wagstaff, Senior Visiting Fellow, considers the challenges that lie ahead for the world's fastest growing DC market and what the key ingredients are for engineering good DC member outcomes to and through retirement.

Updated: 04/03/2015
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Archimedean copulas derived from utility functions

Archimedean copulas are an important subclass of dependency models, while risk attitude of individuals is usually modelled by means of a utility function that is increasing and convex in terms of wealth. This publication explores the relationship between Archimedean copulas and utility functions, thus enhancing the interpretation of Archimedean copulas and therefore informing the risk modeller choosing the most appropriate copula.

Updated: 10/12/2014
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Strategic Asset Allocation - the search for a robust asset mix

On 18 September, Chris Wagstaff, Senior Visiting Fellow, Finance Faculty, presented his thoughts on the importance of the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) decision to defined benefit pension schemes at the annual MN Investment Strategy Forum in London.

Updated: 22/09/2014
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Reinsurance Trading in Lloyd's of London - balancing conflicting demands and responsibilities


Michael Smets

 et al.

Modern organisations increasingly have to find a balance between competing demands on their operations. A joint study by Cass Business School and Saïd Business School looked at how underwriters with Lloyd's of London successfully meet the conflicting demands of various stakeholder groups.

Updated: 10/09/2014
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A UK Equity Bank - how it could help provide income security to an ageing population


Les Mayhew

 et al.

With increased longevity and new regulation an ageing UK population may find their income from pensions inadequate. Research by Cass Business School proposes a state-owned equity bank to help older people release equity from their property in a more efficient and less complex way than currently available.

Updated: 11/08/2014
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Intelligent solutions for the Risk Management challenges facing UK pension schemes

Chris Wagstaff, Client Director Executive Education and Cass Visiting Fellow, presented his paper "Intelligent solutions for the risk management challenges facing UK pension schemes: a case study", at the 13th annual and internationally renowned Fund Manager Selection Conference.

Updated: 06/05/2014
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