Frenemies: how impartial is shareholder voting between finance organisations?


Aneel Keswani

 et al.

Financial sector firms are unique in that their major institutional shareholders may also be their competitors. This research looks into how this relationship affects shareholder voting, and what it means for governance of the industry.

Updated: 29/02/2016
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69 is the new 27 - why rock stars have a new milestone to fear


Les Mayhew

A rock and roll lifestyle has traditionally been perceived as having a 27 year cut-off point, but recent research shows that it's their late 60s that rock stars really need to worry about.

Updated: 25/11/2016
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The Future of Video - why businesses should prepare for a boom in video usage

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that we are entering 'the golden age of video'. New research at Cass Business school, produced in association with Imagen, supports this view, demonstrating that video will dominate internet usage in the years to come, for both individuals and businesses.

Updated: 04/04/2016
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Competing in turbulent environments: lessons from Formula 1

A panel of academics, journalists and senior industry representatives came together at Cass Business School in February to discuss what Formula 1 can teach other industries about competing, innovation and success.

Updated: 17/02/2016
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Recommended for you: the effect of 'word of mouth' on sales

This research explores the role word of mouth recommendations play in influencing the way consumers discover and purchase products, and their impact on the concentration of sales.

Updated: 04/02/2016
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Analyst Dividend Forecasts and their Usefulness to Investors


Pawel Bilinski

 et al.

Contrary to prevailing thought, dividends and dividend forecasting remain an active and important component of pricing in capital markets. This research examines the evidence.

Updated: 29/01/2016
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You must be joking: the importance of humour in the workplace

In a two-year study of a telecommunications firm undergoing a major and stressful change, it was found that workplace meetings were typically full of laughter. This research examines how humour is one way that people deal with tensions, contradictions and paradoxes at work.

Updated: 21/01/2016
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Video Games That Can Improve Your Decision Making in a Single Visit

Biased decision making in any context can lead to negative outcomes. This research demonstrates that a single interactive training session can reduce the propensity for bias, with both immediate and lasting results.

Updated: 20/01/2016
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When does knowledge acquisition in R&D alliances increase new product development?

In the continual quest to develop new technologies and products, many companies form Research & Development alliances. This study looks at how firms should select their alliances in order to optimise the benefits from them.

Updated: 11/01/2016
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