The Asbestos Legacy - A simple benchmark for mesothelioma projection

Once widely used in construction, asbestos is known to cause several deadly diseases including the rare form of cancer known as Mesothelioma. Due to its long latency period and poor records of exposure, the number of cases of this disease is difficult to predict. This research compares two established methods of projection in order to determine which is more effective.

Updated: 12/11/2015
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Women on corporate boards around the world: Triggers and barriers


Amon Chizema

 et al.

The number of women on corporate boards worldwide remains proportionately low. This research looks at the influence, both positive and negative, that several key institutions have on this state of affairs.

Updated: 06/11/2015
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Volkswagen and the problem of corporate amnesia


Andre Spicer

When scandal strikes, companies can move quickly to eradicate links to it and eventually forget they ever happened. Academics at Cass Business School suggest they would benefit more from remembering the errors of the past, and ensuring they are not repeated.

Updated: 15/10/2015
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Attracting buyers in the online marketplace - how offline signals drive business for sellers

With so many ostensibly similar sellers online, how do buyers determine which ones to do business with? A new study from Cass Business School, City University London looks at the role offline signals play in buyer decision-making.

Updated: 14/10/2015
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Award winning paper on how small-scale social settings can generate big ideas

Dr Santi Furnari awarded Best Paper by the Academy of Management Review for his research into the environment of "Interstitial Spaces" and the innovative business practices that develop within them.

Updated: 07/10/2015
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Managing Financially Distressed Pension Plans in the Interest of Beneficiaries


Joachim Inkmann

 et al.

Research from Cass Business School offers a new way to value pension plans that takes financial risks into account, helping staff obtain a clearer picture of the security of their promised pension.

Updated: 25/09/2015
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Improving the perception of marketing amongst Professional Service Firms

The discipline of Marketing is still regarded with scepticism in many Professional Service Firms, although there is evidence of its ever increasing importance to them. This article looks at why marketing has a poor reputation within the sector, discusses the challenges marketers face when working within partnership organisations, and explores the positive approach adopted by law firm Mishcon de Reya

Updated: 17/09/2015
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What do stock markets tell us about exchange rates?


Gino Cenedese

 et al.

International investors can make significant returns from betting in movements on national stock markets. Recent research by academics at the Cass Business School, the Bank of England and City University Hong Kong shows that average returns of up to 12% per annum are available to those allocating assets across international stock markets.

Updated: 16/09/2015
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What characterises leading companies within Business Excellence Models?

This research looks at what makes a leading company within the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, focusing on those organisations that have been "Recognised for Excellence" status in Spain.

Updated: 10/09/2015
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