Embracing realism and recognizing choice in IT offshoring initiatives

As more and more firms offshore activities to countries that are distantly located from their base of operations, the initial advantages of making this move are increasingly tempered by the realities on the ground.

Updated: 05/07/2015
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Becoming misrepresentations: a taxonomy of strategy schools

The paper argues that scholars have created the literature described by Whittington's Schools by exaggerating some, and suppressing other, deparaoxising strategies. This representation also removes the temporal dimension of strategic issues by seeking to bring the future into the present.

Updated: 02/11/2011
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The Intelligent Exploiter

Clive Holtham, Professor of Information Management at Cass Business School, is the man behind the recent publication of the Intelligent Exploiter framework. We asked him about the framework, and the opportunities it provides in the world of IT. Professor Clive Holtham is interviewed by Dr Martin Rich. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Updated: 26/12/2014
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Comparing perspectives on high involvement management and organisational performance across the British economy

The authors, Lilian M. de Menezes of Cass Business School, and Stephen Wood of the Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield, set out to examine the link between various work practices and organisational and worker performance. In doing so, they use the term "high involvement management" to avoid a preconception of a link with performance, and because a common element of high performance work practices appears to be providing employees with increased opportunities for involvement in decision-making and innovation.

Updated: 22/12/2014
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Staying ethical in a downturn

Roger Steare is Visiting Professor of Organisational Ethics at Cass. In this multimedia presentation he introduces the ethicability® framework.

Updated: 02/11/2011
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Confused about your brand? You might not be but your consumers certainly are...

Consumer confusion is a strange phenomenon within the business world, and Vincent-Wayne Mitchell, Professor of Consumer Marketing at Cass Business School, is the "absolute authority" on the subject. This is a video Q and A with Vincent Mitchell conducted by Caroline Wiertz. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Updated: 21/10/2011
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Thought leadership - moving hearts and minds

All leadership starts with thinking - about problems, about possibilities and about organisational capabilities. In a workshop at Cass Business School, Robin Ryde, the Head of the Centre for Strategic Leadership within the National School of Government, looked at what executives can do to transform the thinking and actions of those around them.

Updated: 29/12/2014
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Accounting valuation and the credit crisis

Alistair Milne and Perry Mehrling, together with Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, propose using government credit insurance guarantees to combat the credit crisis. Their idea is to use these guarantees to put a floor under the prices of the better quality tranches of structured credit securities, hence restoring liquidity to credit markets and arresting the global credit contraction.

Updated: 21/10/2011
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