Executive Pay - is it too high?

Professor Chris Rowley looks at global increases in executive pay and some of the ideas and policies that have been explored to try and limit it.

Updated: 21/01/2014
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Why do businesses oppose the minimum wage?

Professor Chris Rowley examines varying minimum wage levels around the world and considers why strong opposition to the policy continues.

Updated: 17/12/2013
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What Skills Might Be Needed In Appointments To Manage and Lead Organisations?

Comment - Professor Chris Rowley invokes the still relevant 1950s work by Katz in a short piece on management recruitment.

Updated: 13/12/2013
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Is all expenditure on education good for employee resourcing and business?

This short article asks whether the focus on university education in Asian counties is actually having a harmful effect on economic productivity and output.

Updated: 11/10/2013
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Issues in Employee Resourcing: Is All Labour Flexibility Good?

Professor Chris Rowley questions the received wisdom that flexible labour markets have entirely positive results. He argues that important aspects of employment, such as staff development, suffer when managers have increased access to the easier option to simply 'hire and fire'.

Updated: 16/09/2013
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The Importance of Human Capital Analysis: Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty


Chris Rowley

 et al.

After recent corporate failures, investors demand to know more about how great a factor the human element is as a key indicator of risk and of potential future value in firms.

Updated: 15/11/2013
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Knowledge Acquisition Competencies for Non-profit Leaders

This paper synthesises literature on the development of knowledge processes, especially knowledge acquisition. Competencies required for knowledge acquisition in nonprofits are presented and classified by theme, and illustrated by an empirical analysis of data from major performing arts boards.

Updated: 18/06/2013
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The role of paradox in understanding female career progression within UK professional services firms

In recent years, professional services firms have increasingly promoted their commitment to workplace gender diversity and inclusion (D&I). Research demonstrates that there are three narratives commonly cited to justify D&I. This study argues that the way in which organisational leaders combine and utilise these three narratives can help to predict their success in promoting gender diversity at senior levels.

Updated: 15/04/2013
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Job Satisfaction and Quality Management: An Empirical Analysis

Quality management requires increasing employee involvement, with the aim of attaining improved employee and customer satisfaction. However, although it may lead to increasing job demands and intensification, the evidence of an association between employee job satisfaction and quality management remains mixed and narrow. This study investigates this link in the wider economy, and addresses the role of human resource management practices that target direct employee participation (job enrichment and high involvement management) in this relationship.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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