Are employee owned firms more resilient in the long-term?


Ajay Bhalla

 et al.

This study examines the resilience of Employee-Owned businesses. It looks at how they have fared under adverse economic conditions when compared to their own performance during a period of economic growth and the performance of non-EOBs during a downturn.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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Effective Supplier Management for IT Leaders

IT suppliers recruit sophisticated sales people, and it is essential staff have the requisite skills and knowledge when negotiating contracts with them. David Chan discusses what these requirements are.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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The challenges facing management in a rapidly changing business environment

Technology and societal changes are dramatically changig the business environment. This article argues the case for organisations to rely less on outdated hierarchical management practice, and embrace the need for adaptability and innovation.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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A proposal for addressing the problems of economic growth and youth unemployment


David Chan

 et al.

There seem to be few initiatives that imaginatively tackle the problem of growth and youth unemployment. What is required is an innovative policy that can address these two problems that does not require Government to find any new money. City University's Centre for Information Leadership (CIL) proposed such a policy in 2012.

Updated: 02/10/2013
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Why do Partner Relationship Management Systems fall short of expectations?

For industries where resellers constitute a significant part of the downstream supply chain, partner relationship management (PRM) systems have been proclaimed as having significant potential for supporting seller-reseller relationships and improving profits. By using these systems, companies strive to build more productive supplier-partner relationships while streamlining processes that run across suppliers, partners and customers. This has led to a rise in the implementation of these systems, yet performance improvements have not been consistently realised. In light of this, Dr. Chris Storey and Dr. Canan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer set out to investigate whether the performance of PRM systems were related to how suppliers provided oversight of their partners.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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Who's in charge? Exploring leadership dynamics in professional service firms

This research represents a ground-breaking, in-depth study into leadership dynamics in professional service firms. It examines how leaders of these firms exert their influence, and analyses how they enact and resolve internal power dynamics.

Updated: 25/06/2014
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Knowledge Acquisition Competencies for Non-profit Leaders

This paper synthesises literature on the development of knowledge processes, especially knowledge acquisition. Competencies required for knowledge acquisition in nonprofits are presented and classified by theme, and illustrated by an empirical analysis of data from major performing arts boards.

Updated: 18/06/2013
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The REF: an effective tool, or does it inhibit creativity?

Amanda Goodall, Senior Lecturer in Management at Cass, debates the merits or otherwise of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) with her husband Andrew Oswald, professor of economics at the University of Warwick.

Updated: 16/05/2013
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Supply Chain Agility: The contribution of information technology

In the final part of this series of blogs, Dr. Canan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer examines how information technology can strengthen the link between strategic sourcing and supply chain agility. This series concludes with a view of the direction strategic sourcing should take in the future.

Updated: 20/10/2015
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