Thoughts and observations on the labour market situation for females in the United Arab Emirates

Professor Chris Rowley, Director of the Centre for Research on Asian Management, was recently interviewed in the media in the Middle East on the important research undertaken on the unusual topic of maximising women's participation in the GCC workforce. The focus of the interview was in terms of the context of increasing levels of female education and growing numbers of female graduates.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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Trust and values in the City

With the recent Occupy movement, the concept of ethics and trust in the City has barely left the news - the perception remains that the City does not serve the wider economy and society.

On October 27th 2011, leading figures came together to discuss a recent initiative to restore trust in the City. The aim of this initiative, established by The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Michael Bear, was to look at practical ways to embed the right values and behaviours in the DNA of every City business and worker.

Updated: 16/12/2014
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Supervisory effectiveness and bank risk


Manthos Delis

 et al.

The banking crisis that began in 2007 led to many questions about the banking sector and the risks taken by those within the industry.

Inspired by past research from Jackson (2007), Jackson and Roe (2009) and Coffee (2007), the focus of this paper is on the role of banking supervision in controlling bank risk.

Does effective supervision rather than the mere adoption of regulation hold the key in deterring excessive bank risk? Read the full report to find out more.

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Optimal capital allocation principles

This paper develops a unifying framework for allocating the aggregate capital of a financial firm to its business units.

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Multiple agency perspective, family control, and private information abuse in an emerging economy


Igor Filatotchev

Using a comprehensive sample of listed companies in Hong Kong, this paper investigates how family control affects private information abuses and firm performance in emerging economies.

Was family control associated with an incentive to distort information to certain stakeholders? Read the full report to find out more.

Updated: 14/01/2013
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Why do foreign banks stay in London?


Andrew Clare


In recent light of the Independent Banking Commission's new report on reforming the banking sector, there is a new worry that some of the world's largest investment banks will leave London for countries that offer better incentives and benefits. However, a Cass research team has found that financial institutions may find there are different benefits to continuing operations in London.

Updated: 05/01/2015
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Strategy process in the creative industries

Joseph Lampel, is Professor of Strategy at, and one of the "leading stars" of, Cass Business School. Senior Lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management. This is a video Q and A with Professor Joe Lampel conducted by Dr Ajay Bhalla. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

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What is the role of the corporate leader in the innovation process post-financial crisis?

A joint project between Cass and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Updated: 09/02/2017
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Can the online gambling industry continue to grow profits whilst protecting players?


Simo Dragicevic

 et al.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability debate has particular relevance to the gambling industry given the shift towards focusing on encouraging wellbeing in society. Governments and regulators are also becoming increasingly focused on the online industry to ensure gambling offerings uphold socially responsible standards that protect players.

Updated: 02/04/2012
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