The regulatory response to the financial crisis

In his keynote speech at the The Transmission of Credit Risk and Bank Stability Conference at Cass Business School, Charles Goodhart, Emeritus Professor London School of Economics, gave a detailed appraisal of the United Kingdom\'s financial system.

Updated: 25/12/2014
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Cass Ethics with Roger Steare: ethicability®


In the fourth edition of Cass Ethics, Roger Steare, Corporate Philosopher and Cass Business School Fellow discusses ethicability® and 'Trust The Behavioural Change' report he produced for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Updated: 05/01/2015
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What are professional service firms and why do we study them?

The word 'professional' is often used rather loosely: the lay person will as easily apply it to footballers, actors, and hairdressers as to lawyers and accountants. In the altogether more precise language of academics it is still a highly contested term - as, by extension, is the expression professional service firm (PSF).

Updated: 16/07/2015
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Causes and Consequence of Types of Anti-Trade Unionism: The Example of South Korea


Chris Rowley

 et al.

This article details the history of trade unions in Korea from their incipient appearances in the 19th century, their underground development in opposition to Japanese colonisation in the early part of the 20th century, their activities post-Korean war, their current status and the development of anti-unionism over time.

This research follows on from our earlier preliminary piece ('Waxing and waning of waves of anti-unionism in South Korea') on Cass Knowledge

Updated: 04/01/2015
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Is more IT offshoring better? An exploratory study of western companies offshoring to South East Asia

In their article, "Is more IT offshoring better? An exploratory study of western companies offshoring to South East Asia," published in the Journal of Operations Management, authors Ajay Bhalla, ManMohan S. Sodhi, and Byung-Gak Son, examine the link between a company's performance and the extent of its offshoring of IT-enabled services, with a focus on large western companies.

Updated: 02/11/2011
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Supply Chain Agility: The agile supply chain for unpredictable times

Supply chain agility has received increasing attention over the last decade due to two important developments. First, on average, the markets have become more dynamic. Secondly, there is increased awareness of supply chain management risks and the role agile supply chains play in recovering from these risks. In this, the second of a five part series, Dr. Canan Kocabasoglu Hillmer examines how an agile supply chain can be an effective response strategy in unpredictable times.

Updated: 20/10/2015
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How to fix the banking system


Igor Filatotchev

Four of Cass Business School's senior academics agreed in a December 2, 2008 debate entitled "How to fix the banking system" that addressing the irresponsibility of British banks will be extremely difficult.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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M&A in recovery: new studies from Cass' M&A research centre

The M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School blends academic expertise with know-how and experience from practitioners to produce rigorous and relevant research in the area of global acquisitions, mergers and corporate restructurings.

Updated: 29/01/2013
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Thoughts and observations on the labour market situation for females in the United Arab Emirates

Professor Chris Rowley, Director of the Centre for Research on Asian Management, was recently interviewed in the media in the Middle East on the important research undertaken on the unusual topic of maximising women's participation in the GCC workforce. The focus of the interview was in terms of the context of increasing levels of female education and growing numbers of female graduates.

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