Legal regime, size, and liquidity factors in asset pricing


Kate Phylaktis


Emerging Markets Research Group, Cass Business School This study contrasts the ability of three liquidity constructs, the price-impact measure of Amihud (2002), the volume based turnover ratio, and the recently developed trading speed measure of Liu (2006) in explaining total trading costs for four large African emerging markets, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa, as well as London and Paris.

Updated: 22/09/2011
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The merger of a German Bank (G Bank) and an American Bank (A Bank): an assessment of cultural fit


Wayne Holland

 et al.

The case study describes and explains the successful integration strategy designed and implemented by a German bank's top executives when an American Bank was acquired in 1999.

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How to fix the banking system


Igor Filatotchev

Four of Cass Business School's senior academics agreed in a December 2, 2008 debate entitled "How to fix the banking system" that addressing the irresponsibility of British banks will be extremely difficult.

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The market potential for privately financed long term care products in the UK


Les Mayhew

Public Policy

This paper considers the market potential for privately financed long term care products in the UK. It finds that since the present market is undeveloped there is scope to increase the range of products available to suit people with different means and circumstances.

Updated: 15/05/2013
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Apocalyptic demography? Putting longevity risk in perspective

Current life expectancy depends very much on demographic factors, particularly lifestyle, and varies from scheme to scheme, i.e. it is scheme specific. It is therefore very important that companies understand where their scheme sits in the population of pension schemes as far as life expectancy is concerned.

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Accounting valuation and the credit crisis

Alistair Milne and Perry Mehrling, together with Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, propose using government credit insurance guarantees to combat the credit crisis. Their idea is to use these guarantees to put a floor under the prices of the better quality tranches of structured credit securities, hence restoring liquidity to credit markets and arresting the global credit contraction.

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The economic challenges of an ageing UK population

Les Mayhew, Professor of Statistics at Cass, examines the significance of the impact of demographic changes.

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