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Andre Spicer
Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Faculty of Management
Cass Business School


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  • When scandal strikes, companies can move quickly to eradicate links to it and eventually forget they ever happened. Academics at Cass Business School suggest they would benefit more from remembering the errors of the past, and ensuring they are not repeated.

    15/10/2015 | 2,665
  • In business, analytical intelligence is highly valued and emotional intelligence is appreciated more and more, but political intelligence is often overlooked. Cass Business School Professors Andre Spicer and Peter Fleming discuss what this particular skill involves, and how it helps people excel in business.

    05/06/2014 | 5,298
  • How best to respond to the iniquities uncovered within the financial sector in recent years? Better communication, harsher punishments and stronger regulation have been touted as ways to hold banks to account - but it is important to look more deeply to achieve real and lasting change. Professor Andr√© Spicer assesses the options.

    11/01/2013 | 10,231
  • International business has been a contested terrain ever since the Europeans set their feet on the American continent, unleashing a long and violent history of colonialism and anti-colonial struggle.

    While protests against the WTO, IMF, World Bank and the so called 'Washington Consensus' more generally do not necessarily implicate particular multinational companies directly, they are part of a wider discursive assault on an emerging global order that is seen to be dominated by global business interests.This paper contributes to critical understandings of how international business is resisted.

    14/01/2013 | 6,065
  • Since the early 1990s, many commentators have argued that the dominance of malbouffe (bad food) has a variety of negative consequences.

    For some time, researchers have puzzled over how new fields of food movement are created. The research in this paper focuses on the argument that new fields are created by social movements engaging in hegemonic struggles and which develop social movement strategies, articulate discourses and construct nodal points.

    06/02/2013 | 7,368