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Daniela Fabbri
Cass Business School


Senior Lecturer in Finance, Faculty of Finance.

Daniela obtained a PhD in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) and has previously held research and teaching positions in various institutions, including the University of Salerno (Italy), the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Her research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance and Banking, both theoretical and applied. In her research, Daniela has investigated the role of financial intermediaries and suppliers in the financing activity and growth opportunities of small-medium sized firms. She has also contributed to the literature in Law and Finance, investigating how differences in the degree of creditor protection affect the ability of firms and households to get bank financing. In addition, she has studied the effect personal characteristics of managers have on the operations of non-financial companies. Daniela has had her research published in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of the European Economic Association and the Journal of Banking and Finance.

Author articles

  • Managers are acknowledged to have their own style when taking corporate decisions. Personal characteristics of CEOs are empirically important determinants of a large range of corporate variables. However, there are still a number of unexplored research questions. One of these is to what extent the corporate risk management policies of non-financial firms departs from textbook hedging.

    In this paper, Cass researchers study to what extent CEO personal beliefs and individual characteristics explain the time-series variation of foreign currency derivatives beyond industry, firm, and market fundamentals.

    14/01/2013 | 6,446