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Peter Fleming
Professor of Business and Society
Cass Business School


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  • In business, analytical intelligence is highly valued and emotional intelligence is appreciated more and more, but political intelligence is often overlooked. Cass Business School Professors Andre Spicer and Peter Fleming discuss what this particular skill involves, and how it helps people excel in business.

    05/06/2014 | 5,451
  • International business has been a contested terrain ever since the Europeans set their feet on the American continent, unleashing a long and violent history of colonialism and anti-colonial struggle.

    While protests against the WTO, IMF, World Bank and the so called 'Washington Consensus' more generally do not necessarily implicate particular multinational companies directly, they are part of a wider discursive assault on an emerging global order that is seen to be dominated by global business interests.This paper contributes to critical understandings of how international business is resisted.

    14/01/2013 | 6,142