TEDx Squaremile and Cass Business School

In November 2015, Cass was delighted to host TEDx Square Mile for 'Get Connected'.

Among the day's speakers was Dr. Irene Scopelliti, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Cass Business School, and City University London alumni Pilgrim Beart, a computer engineer turned technology entrepreneur and Stephanie Bosset, a broadcast and photojournalist.

About TEDx 'Get Connected'

The world is more connected than ever before. From mobile phones and the internet to global air travel and satellite communications, connections can be found in all aspects of our daily existence.

But what does it really mean to 'get connected'? Are we all equally connected, and if not what can be done to address this? What should we really be seeking connections to? How are our world and our lives being shaped by the ability to instantly connect with limitless new ideas and people?

TEDxSquareMile (November 2015) explored these questions and others relating to what it means to 'get connected'.

For more information about this event, please contact:

Aurore Hochard
Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes